We work with you to create landscaping which uplifts your workplace exterior, providing a visually attractive welcome for staff and clients.


Our initial visit to your premises includes a site survey and a consultation regarding your specific requirements.


We respond with a plan which incorporates your vision, and advise on plants and landscaping best suited to realise this.   The landscaping takes into account:


• the architecture, age of the building and style of the company

• the preferred colour schemes, which could reflect corporate colours

• the soil type, temperature and amount of available light on the site

• low maintenance planting where required

• the gardens attractiveness through all the seasons


On completion of the landscaping project, a maintenance contract will ensure the area is kept in tip top condition.


The practical benefits of corporate landscaping

• the aesthetic appeal of attractive landscaping

• the greening of the local environment, encouraging birds, bees and butterflies

• shelter and insulation of the building, potentially reducing energy consumption

• hiding less pleasant views of the building

• noise reduction as plants muffle sound thereby creating a calmer atmosphere


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